Aly Curd is a Musculoskeletal Therapist and Naturopath who has been fortunate enough to take her qualification around the world. From Zimbabwe to China, Australia to India, and everywhere in between.
She has recently returned to New Zealand after spending 2 years in the vibrant city of Udaipur, India, working with Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) and treating patients in rural villages of Rajasthan.
A solid foundation in Sports Therapy, Postgraduate studies in Female Endocrinology, and an academic Docterate in Natural Medicine have given Aly a vast skillet needed to deal with the harsh and often unforgiving conditions presented on a daily basis.

Since returning to New Zealand, Aly has taken up Community Development work with the Red Cross while concurrently completing her Masters in Emergency Management. All the while overseeing the operations of not-for-profit, Non-Government Organisation, Hands on Health Australia, http://hoha.org.au/ .

Aly is also a freelance travel writer. To check out some of her work go to Alycurd.com.


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