Photo Gallery China 2011

Beijing, China. 2011

Ghang an men1
(Guang An Men Hospital in Beijing, China)

The wonderful Doctors at the WHO Research hospital in Beijing.

(Aly and Nancy, one of the Hospital coordinators who was more than happy to show us some of the sights)


(Beijing- beautiful place but literally overshadowed by the smog.)

(Fire cupping in the Massage Department of the Hospital.)


(The Chinese understand the concept of Integrative Medicine. They even have whole departments devoted to Massage!)


chair(As ominous as this looks, I actually saw this in action many many times during my placement.)

grat wall
(I was astonished at the amount of graffiti on the Great Wall… all in English as well! Shame on the tourists.)

tiger(Playing tourist)


Aly Curd



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