Photo Gallery India 2014

(This was my first day in India, trying to prove myself to Dr RK Deshwal while treating one of his patients whom was suffering from lower back pain.)

(During one of our field trips we set up a health camp, while we were busy treating patients I felt a tug on my shoulder, only to find the friendly local goat had decided to come check us out. Some of the children took her away and tied it up, only for her to return again and again throughout the course of the day. I t began to become a bit of a game. Very unusual to see in a health setting but very comical.)

(My favourite part of travelling this way is meeting like minded people, here we are having breakfast at Ganesh and his family. Ganesh is the founder of JJVS, the NGO we were working with. Tracey, Becky, Gabby, Isabel, and Kayla.)

(Treating a lovely woman near the village of Bap, a small village near the Thar Desert, close to the pakistan border. I was quite sick with Gastroenteritis by this stage and ended up in hospital 2 days later down in Udaipur. An extremely unforgettable experience.)

(Checking out some improvised massage tools from one of the rural Gunis with Dr RK, Anisha, Becky, and Tracey.)

Dr RK and Aly testing out the massage tools on Anisha.)

(Helping out one of the local farmers with Patella tracking issues, it is a tough life and these guys work extremely hard.)

IndiaAug-Sept2014 (180)
(Some of the adorable local children.)

IndiaAug-Sept2014 (294) IndiaAug-Sept2014 (295)
Doing some Mobilization Techniques and giving some exercises and stretches for 7 year old boy and his father, the boy had started to develop Scoliosis in the past year.)
IndiaAug-Sept2014 (310)
(Opium anyone? The husk is used to make a tea and the seeds are ground up and usually smoked. This is in the North-West of Rajasthan, where Opium is grown. The locals are allowed to harvest 10% of their own crops to use in religious ceremonies and “special” occasions. It is illegal elsewhere.)

IndiaAug-Sept2014 (220)
(Aly and the beautiful Jod ti, who works in her family business as a seamstress.)

IndiaAug-Sept2014 (313)
(Some of the local woman waiting for treatment. It is custom to keep their faces covered by their veils, as the only person who is supposed to see their beauty is their husbands.)
IndiaAug-Sept2014 (283)
(With Dr RK, Kayla, Gabby, Tracey, Beckey and NP. The house in the background is where we set up one of our health camps for the local villagers.)

(Aly, Gabby and NP have a go at an irrigation system some of the locals had set up in order to get water from the stream to their crops.)

IndiaAug-Sept2014 (182)
(Beautiful photo of Tracey and one of the local children.)

IndiaAug-Sept2014 (76)
(NP showing us around the medicinal gardens at JJVS headquarters in Bedla, Udaipur.)
IndiaAug-Sept2014 (288)
(Dr RK teaching us Hindi before patients arrive.)
IndiaAug-Sept2014 (158)
(Local women sifting wheat.)

IndiaAug-Sept2014 (43)

(It wasn’t all work, we got to see some very stunning places.)

IndiaAug-Sept2014 (152)



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